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I Can Hack Text Messages In 3 Steps

“I can hack text messages in 3 steps!” This was something I heard my youngest son yelling at his sister in the hallway of our house the other afternoon. This was certainly not a whine or taunt I was used to hearing in their normal daily fight, so I started tiptoeing from where I was in the kitchen closer to the hallway so I could eavesdrop on what was going on.

Apparently, he thought she had taken an embarassing picture of him and was texting it to her friends. He has a crush on one of them. She’s not sure who, so she circulates stuff among all of them just to be sure to annoy him.

He wanted to know what she was texting, and she refused, which is when he proclaimed his texting abilities. Was he just repeating an article headline he had seen? Or does he really know? He’s already the tech guru of the house but I don’t know for sure if he knows how to spy on a cell phone.

I usually leave them to work out their difference on their own because they are growing social skills in their tug of war, but if he’s serious about hacking, I may have to intervene. That’s crossing a line.