Protecting Yourself From Modern-day Radiation

In the past it was not an issue to be exposed to various radiation manly because there were not many instruments that emitted it. However, today, computers, wireless devices, mobile phones, numerous other mobile devices such as tabs, notepads and whatnot are posing a real danger and a threat to human lives due to the harmful discharge they emit on a nonstop basis.

Health and radiation

Through many scientific researches it has been found out that radiation could be the reason for many ailments. It is now known to be a cause for fatal illnesses such as cancer. It is estimated that cities are exposed to about 2 million times the radiation than they were used to 100 years ago. The world Health Organization or WHO has shown that humans need EMF protection as these innumerable electromagnetic fields (EMF) cause disturbances to the electrical currents within the body. There is reason to believe that it could lead to terminaldiseases. An extensive array of neurological problems, uncharacteristic cell growth, mutations in cells, behavioral conditions and even depression are associated with exposure to this radiation.

Where can you be exposed at?

You can be exposed anywhere! In fact, all the devices we use emit this harmful radiation so if you really want to avoid being open to it, you need to stopusing any technological innovations. Mobile phones and laptops are a part of our lives. It is not easy to get rid of the equipment. Therefore best is to make a behavioural and lifestyle change in our lives so the exposure to it is minimized. If possible, using less wifi and turning it off at night, not keeping phones with you when you are sleeping etc. are simple but useful ways to get rid of this enemy.

How to avoid it?

If it is a viable option, consider moving to countryside. Their level of radiation is much less. But this is not possible always; so follow some of these methods to reduce exposure. Replace as many wireless devices as possible with wired ones. For example home phones. Find out how prone is your mobile phone is, to emit radiation, via an EMC compliance testing. It will show if it emits large amounts or not. Keep your phone away from your body always. To gain more ideas about this EMC compliance testing you can see this page for such details.

You can buy an EMF shield for the phone. Reduce direct connection of the phone with the body. If possible always out the phone in airplane mode if you are carrying it in the pants pocket. Technology has made our lives easier but not without being a threat to our health. It is our own responsibility to make sure that tech gadgets do not encroach upon ourhealthy personal lives.

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