Specialties Of Different Types Of Carpentry Jobs

Carpenters even if they are generally known as a person who is skilled in building and repairing wood structures in the well-known construction industry. Undisclosed to many there are varying types of carpentry jobs that a professional carpenter can work as or apply for. Even if a carpenter is highly skilled the specialties of carpenters differ from one to another. Shown below are some of the most well-known and popular carpenter specialties and jobs.

Rough Framing Carpenter

This is the most ordinary, standard point of carpeting which is also the starting point of a beginner. If you are interested in joining in a carpentry recruitment then this will provide your initiation. This job mainly includes the construction of basic framework and required structure for homes as well as buildings. The foundations set for finished carpentry are set by framing carpenters by successfully building necessary walls, doors, and windows, stairs etc. such a job requires prominent math skills, physical strength, agility and overall knowledge related to this type of work.

Finish Carpentry

Such carpenters are more likely to be in the more experienced category. It’s a bit more detailed job of carpentering compared to framing. This type of work generally includes installation of doors, fireplace mantels, closet shelving units, installation of cabinets and many more. A carpenter from Regional Carpentry Services who undertakes such jobs should be experienced in necessary wood filing techniques as well as other required skills such as leveling, dexterity etc.

Cabinet Makers

This is also another well-known classification that comes under carpentry jobs in Gawler. Such carpenters should be very detail oriented. A cabinet maker holds the responsibility of building and installation of cabinets, furniture and other custom items using the types of materials that satisfies the customers’ needs and interests. Most of such carpenters are involved with projects that are done in a finished home or an office than a home or an office which is under construction. Cabinet makers should be skilled in math as well as acute design and blueprint reading along with other creative carpentry skills.


Roofer while many may think does not belong in the category of carpentry jobs it does have its relation to carpentry specialties. Taking the modern world into account many roofing products available nowadays require a great deal of carpentry skills to install. Such as cedar shakes, asphalt shingles etc. Such installations and materials need well-polished layout and measurement skills. Along with many other skills only an experienced carpenter can provide you with.

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