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Many a times it is difficult to take time out of the busy schedule and go and meet a Physio for consultation. Keeping this in mind, the team at Fix Physio offer consultation sessions online. But in case you want to continue with them after the first few discussion sessions, you can visit their center. Unlike the common centres and clinics, this one provides you a comfortable and at home like environment so that you can relax. Your experience at Fix Physio is surely going to be a lot different from what is usually expected of clinics. This is because of their approach towards physiotherapy as a treatment is different from many others. They have been in this service for nearly half a decade and thus the treatments that they can bring for you are surely unparalleled.

Services they provide

The services provided by the physiotherapists at Fix Physio can be classified in four distinct categories. These include: first and foremost id physiotherapy, second is having sessions in a group form, thirdly they offer sessions online and lastly, assessment of your work station.  Online physio is intended to restore the movement of your joints and muscles. Their service is different from others in the way that they try to understand the reason behind their patient’s condition. It could be due to long hours at work, incorrect sitting positions etc. once the problem has been identified, then they can better treat it.

In addition to the individual sessions of physiotherapy that are mostly intended for patients in extreme cases, the team at Fix Physio offer physiotherapy in the form of a group. But these groups are of not more than three people as the focus is on giving attention to each and every person. These sessions focus more on building strength of your body muscles. The idea is to strengthen the core of your body as it is the center. The physiotherapist is here to guide and supervise you on this journey towards fitness and health. The third service they provide at Fix Physio is the online telehealth service. In case you are unable to visit the Physio in person, no need to worry as you can now do it online. If you are interested about online physiotherapy consultation you can visit this site

The fourth service they offer is something that you might have not heard a physiotherapist usually doing for their patients, but the team at Fix Physio does it. One of the biggest reasons for muscle stiffness, neck and back pain has been incorrect posture. So as important as it is to do physiotherapy and get back in shape, similarly is the need to fix the root cause. If you are interested in knowing if your work space is okay for you in terms of your comfort, then contact the team at Fix Physio and book an appointment. Their team will get back to you and give you an honest review of your work space.

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