3 Innovative Ideas For A Baby Photoshoot

Capturing important moments in life is very crucial nowadays. People like to time and time again relive those moments through photographs and videos. Photographs are a great way of making memories and hold on to them till life lasts. There is a new trend on the rise nowadays and that too a great one. Getting baby photoshoot for newborns and toddlers is considered a must. Millennial parents know the importance of social media as they literally grew up with it. People now make sure to book a photoshoot appointment even before the baby is born as getting the earliest appointment is impossible without a booking. Cake smash photography from Melbourne themes are often overdone again and again without much creativity or innovation. Please let go of those overdone themes and look into new opportunities and possibilities. For people who are looking for new and innovative ideas for baby photoshoot below are some ideas that will help you decide the final theme.

  • Space theme

The space theme for a baby photoshoot is perfect as most of the part will be played by the backdrop. You can get a galaxy theme background printed or buy it ready-made from the arts and crafts shops. You can hang some cool looking planets and rings from the ceiling with an invisible thread to give it an illusion of space. You can also place some hand-made space ships and rockets to emphasize the theme through props. Pack your baby up in a comfortable astronaut costume and you are good to go.

  • Gardener theme

This is also a very unique theme for the baby photoshoot that is not been explored much. A garden theme photoshoot will just be perfect regardless of the gender of the baby and that is also a plus point. You can easily carry out this photoshoot outdoors for an ultra-realistic touch. Get your baby a small watering-hose and put some child-friendly gardening tools beside him. You can also get some chocolate on your baby’s hands and clothes to give an illusion of dirt. Scatter some seeds and plant pots beside the baby and click away as much as you like.

  • Sleeping baby

This unique baby photoshoot in Melbourne although it has been done extensively in the past still made it on our list as babies in this photoshoot look cute as a button. There is something about a sleeping, bundled up a baby that just melts the heart right away. This photoshoot is a bit tricky to nail as you would have to make the photographer’s appointment right at your baby’s nap-time. Also, you would have to wrap up the baby in a specific way the photographer has told you to. Clicking the photographs without waking the baby up is surely a tough task but child-photographers are a pro at it and will click breath-taking pictures in a matter of minutes.

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