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The AFL has been an integral part of the Australian community. Nearly every second person is a fan of AFL and affiliate with one of its team. The league has gain popularity due to immense involvement of the general public. Every league or team runs with the support of their fan. This support is not limited to chanting the team anthem in the stadium or visiting for every game. But the loyal team fans will always be surrounded by the things that will remind them of their loyalty. In recent years, all the global sports league has face major issue, where their official merchandise has been replaced with replicas or non-official product. This has severely damaged the revenue of the leagues and teams. As a loyal fan, every person should ensure that they are buying the official merchandise some tips will help you to but the official merchandise and helps to contribute to your favourite league.

Dedicated Retail Outlets:

Now everyone can assess AFL online store, but still, some people prefer to visit the store physically. This will help people to experience the extravaganza of the merchandise of their favourite league or Club. For example, if you are a fan of Sydney Swan, then you can straight go to Sydney Swan shops to get the official merchandise. At the retail outlet, the other advantage of that you can see and check the products physically. It will let you take a quick decision and you can get the things instantaneously.

Online Stores:

Every league has its official online store. Even many other online stores have been certified by the league to sell their official merchandise. These online stores are an authentic source to buy AFL official merchandise. The buyer can be content that they are directly buying from the official partner of the AFL and they will be sure that they are getting original official merchandise. Nowadays, the online store has become the prime source for buying AFL official merchandise, because if pandemic, people have shifted to online shopping. The online store also gives the advantage to people who don’t have any store nearby.


There are many partner sellers of official merchandises. Usually, these partners don’t have the complete range of official merchandises bit they offer a selected range of merchandise. AFL also has many physical and online partner stores that offer AFL official merchandise. Also, the league teams have their selling partners, for example, the Sydney Swan have partners retailer and online stores, that will sell their official merchandises. There can be a problem with such partner stores as they don’t offer a complete range of official merchandises, maybe you will be unable to get all the things you need. But this can help to get the basic official merchandises.

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