The Best Plantation Shutters For Your Home

plantation shutters newcastle

Gone are the days of traditional blinds and folding arm awnings in castle people used to get for their homes. People now like to experiment and they are not afraid of investing a sizeable chunk of their income in home décor. Apart from the décor, some home accessories should be chosen mindfully by keeping in mind their functionality and practicality. For this purpose, plantation shutters are getting popular day by day.

The plantation shutters not only look great in your house, but they are extremely functional. At the first glance, they might look like ordinary blinds but in reality, they are very different from them. The plantation shutters are made of wooden louvers that are tilted in a way that they let light and fresh air inside the house. These louvers can be completely shut and opened by tilting. The fun part is that these shutters double as doors and can be completely opened like a regular door. If you have retractable folding arm awnings on top of your doors and windows, then these shutters can be opened wide to enjoy the winter and summer to the fullest.

Some of the popular types of plantation shutters available in the market are mentioned below.

  • Laminated

Laminating material is very popular due to its price range and lightweight. The laminated plantation shutters look and feel just like wood shutters but are extremely lightweight in comparison to wood. Laminating material is very affordable and everyone can get these shutters installed in their house easily.

  • Wood

The good old wood material is highly recommended in the shutters department. You can opt for either cider wood or basswood as per your preference. This material is very durable and long-lasting. It is highly weather-resistant and does not show signs of wear and tear easily. You can customize shutters according to your preferred color or get them in the same color as your folding arm awnings.

  • PVC

PVC material is a hot favorite when it comes to constriction material due to its features. This material is highly moisture resistant and plantation shutters made from this material are said to be very durable. The louvers of shutters are made specifically with caps installed on either side.

  • Vinyl

If you are looking for an extremely affordable option of plantation shutters and folding arm awnings then vinyl is the best option for you. These shutters are very flexible and perform adequately even in extreme weather.

  • Composite

Another trending material for plantation shutters is composite wood which is also known as faux wood. This is a material made from high quality wood shavings and glue. The thick and sturdy material is developed with a comprehensive technology that is highly flexible and durable. These shutters can be customized in any color, shape and size and make your room look striking at first glance.




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