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3 Fun Facts About Barbie That You Didn’t Know Before

Barbie has been around for decades, but she never seems to age. Of course, that’s because she’s a doll, an iconic symbol in American culture. Do you know when Barbie was born? I used to think she was born in the same year as my mom, but I see now that I am wrong. She was born in 1959, but of course she wasn’t a baby then. All joking aside, that is when Barbie was released.

Are you familiar with what brand makes the Barbie dolls? It’s Mattel, and of course many different Barbie dolls and accessories have been made over the years (including¬†barbie pastry chef). You know what brand makes Barbie dolls, but who thought of them int he first place? Her name was Ruth Handler, and her daughter’s name was….can you guess? It’s not Barbie, but close, Barbara.

Of course Barbie has a partner, and his name is Ken. Barbara’s brother was named Kenneth. Barbie debuted in 1959, but do you know the exact date? It was March 9th, that’s her birthday! Also, did you know that Barbie wasn’t first designed to just have blonde hair. There were Barbie dolls with brunette hair, too. If you’re a Barbie fanatic, there are plenty of other interesting facts to learn.