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Adjustable Handles Make Yard Work Easier

The adjustable handles are a fantastic invention. Having them available for my own home use has been excellent. They serve me well (including hand knobs of course) and let me tighten or unfasten within small or large spaces. That is part of their benefit for me, and for the other homeowners who count them as part of their home.

They are actually very simple to use. The first item to remember is the purpose. I always remind myself of the saying: “lefty loosie, righty tighty.” That way I will not overtighten or loosen until the handle falls off.

The second part of the use of a handle is to make sure to stay within the lines of the adjustable handle. For one, that is why I choose to buy my adjustable handles with indicators on them.

The new gear of adjustable handles truly makes yard work easier (and toggle clamps too). I just love them and at this point could not imagine working in the yard without them.

It is easy to adjust so much with the help of adjustable handles. It makes yard work a lot easier and I just had to share that. Aluminum, three wheel handles are my favorite type for yard work.