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The Different Moscow Mule Mug Designs

If you are a fan of the Moscow Mule, you should very well know that there is no better way of presenting this cocktail than through copper mugs. The use of quality copper mugs as primary drinking vessel for Moscow Mule can never be underestimated. The sipping experience is known to be more satisfying when Moscow Mule is served in its traditional vessel- the copper mug.

Moscow Mule copper mugs now come in many shapes, designs, and sizes. The top five most stylish copper mugs feature the following qualities:

  • Plain, unmarked copper mug design

If you want a simple and yet effective copper mug that places importance on temperature and taste, consider purchase unmarked, plain copper mugs. These mugs usually come in matte finish. Your Moscow Mule will remain cold and frosty all night long without fear of condensation if you pick unmarked copper mugs as your vessel of choice.

  • Handcrafted hammered copper mug design

If you want a copper mug that features simple, but fundamental styles of copper mug released in the 1940s, then you should opt for copper mugs with hammered design. Quality manufacturers will make use of 100% solid copper in the construction of this type of mug. Unlike other mugs, hammered copper mugs do not have nickel or stainless steel lining. This is the perfect gift item for those who love serving cocktails at home.

  • Embossed copper mug design

A more ornate set of copper mugs is great for those who frequently host events and those that entertain guests into their homes on a regular basis. If you want to invest on quality mugs, with special or custom made design, you may want to sip in style by purchasing pure copper embossed mugs.

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