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Poker Dealer

How To Become A Poker Dealer?

Where do you learn how to become a poker dealer?

There’s a casino not far from where I live, and I think it would be fun to work there. The employees there (like poker dealer) don’t really talk about their salary or benefits, but from what I gather, they make really good money and have great insurance and the like.

I love poker, and I’d love to manage, lead, or watch games right there at the table all the time. Spending all day with fellow poker players and getting a few tips along the way sounds like a lot of fun.

I know the casino is hiring, and the few poker dealers they have right now are working a lot of hours, but I guess they’re having a hard time finding people with poker dealer skills? That’s why I want to know where do you learn how to become a poker dealer?

Does one learn it by chance or is there some training program or school for it? Given how tightly regulated gambling is in some states, I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that there’s a certification of official nature or something. Where do I sign up? Check out domino qq.