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Top 5 True Aphrodisiacs That Really Work

Although many people prefer using the blue pill (Viagra, while some buy spanish fly) to help boost their sexual drive and performance, nutritionists and doctors recommend going for a much healthier choice. Although these pills may help, they are not as effective as natural aphrodisiacs are. Focusing on your body’s well-being by eating highly nutritive foods that promote your sexual health is therefore recommended. Outlined below are 5 of the best aphrodisiacs that can help boost your sexual desire and performance.

1. Oysters: Oysters are among the most efficient and true aphrodisiac that many people use to boost their sexual performance. Oysters contain some of the best and healthiest sources if essential oils, vitamins, and zinc. These compounds play a vital role in improving testosterone production in men, and also balance hormones in women.

2. Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkins are other excellent sources of magnesium and zinc. These two minerals are essentially needed for improved blood flow, production, and also help raise testosterone levels. Instead of tossing the seeds in the dustbin after slicing the pumpkin, consider roasting them for a healthy body, heart, and libido.

3. Cherries: Cherries pack excellent amounts of magnesium, potassium, iron, Vitamins, and melatonin. All these compounds are required for the healthy production of sex hormones, hence a great addition to your meal plans. Having cherries alongside your meals is also recommended for a healthy heart and body.

4. Chocolate: If you have been wondering why girls/women love chocolate, it is because it helps induce a happy feeling. Chocolate contains compounds that help relax brain muscles hence helps one manage stress. Aside from this, chocolate is believed to trigger increased blood flow especially in the sexual regions, thus making one (women)to be easily aroused and good in bed. Treating your woman with some chocolate is, therefore, great for your relationship, and sex drive as well.

5. Avocado: Avocados contain some of the best quality proteins, essential fats, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants needed for your body’s well-being. The best thing about having an avocado in every meal is that the antioxidants, essential oils, and minerals contribute greatly to testosterone levels and production in your body. The next time you go for grocery shopping, consider adding an avocado to your list.

If you have been experiencing reduced sex drive and are wondering what to do next, the answer lies with what you eat. Having a well-balanced diet plan, and increasing intake of the foods outlined above can have an enormous effect on your performance in bed. Try these today for a couple of weeks to see the difference.