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A bathroom is a room that holds quite an important place in the construction of the modern-day building. There is several contrasting styles and types of building each with different requirements and each with various numbers of people working or living in it. Perfect bathrooms in the house serve a more versatile purpose and the in a building that is commercially utilized has an entirely different style of bathrooms that has only one purpose and hence designed accordingly. 

Bathroom for a house:

A bathroom for a house is highly customized and every single part in it is designed according to the person who is going to be using it. There will be the proper storage and well-defined shower area, bathtub area, toilet seat area, vanity area and more. It is creatively designed to have all the required elements with an appearance of open space apart from the size of the room. This is the reason why modern minimalist bathroom fittings are quite popular. 

 The bathroom of the master bedroom:

Every house today, now has a master bedroom. A master bedroom is the most luxurious part of the house as it enjoys the largest space as compare to the other rooms, the largest closet and the largest bathroom. Its bathroom has all the elements a bathroom can have. Even in certain places, its toilet seat has an entire small room inside this large room. 

Bathroom in a commercial building:

A bathroom in a commercial building is not built for a single person. There are hundreds of people working under the same roof, so, it will be impossible to provide each one of them their own. Hence, the bathrooms of any commercial place if designed for a huge number of people with several toilet seats installed in small different compartments each in a single big room with numbers of sinks and faucets to provide everyone with a place to refresh themselves. So, in this kind of setting there would not be any sort of bathtub or any other thing that one finds in a personal bathroom. 

It is not limited to an office only you go to a hotel, restaurants, and resorts unless one book his private room. This type of bathroom is known as a common bathroom or common restroom. Any area with a huge number of people will have this sort of bathroom setting. These common bathrooms do have bathroom vanities Smithfield but are not personalized and are designed just for touch-ups.  

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