Pros And Cons Of Roller Shutters

roller shutters installation

The roller shutters are the type of window or door covering made of interlocking slats.  The advantage of these interlocking slats is that they can roll up or down in tracks.  Roller shutters are popular in residential and commercial properties.  The roller shutters can be made of a different material but usually, when they are used in commercial properties they are made of metal like aluminium or steel.  The metallic roller shutters provide an extra layer of security and are also durable.  But like anything else, there are also going backs of roller shutters when looking into comparison the advantages of roller shuttle installation are more than their drawbacks.


  1. Security: The metallic roller shutters provide extra security and as they are made of interlocking slats there is no gap between them.  This will provide a complete layer of the metallic sheet that helps to protect the window or door wherever it has been installed.  The roller shutters are very common side in the markets in towns like Albans and Altona. The primary reason people opt for roller shutters installation is because of the higher level of security.
  2. Noise reduction: People also prefer to install roller shutters in their home windows because of the essential feature of noise reduction. Especially when the roller shutters are made of heavy material like metal, they can be the perfect barrier between the outside and inside, which can help to reduce the noise.  This is the reason that usually people having their windows or doors at the roadside prefers to opt for roller shutters.
  3. Better insulation: Roller shutters can also be installed on the windows that are not in much use because they can help to improve insulation in winter or summer. In both cases, it will help to keep your energy cost down.  In Albans or Altona, roller shooters are a common sight as they are good insulators for the house or shop.
  4. Durability: if you are living in an area where the probability of strong winds and heavy rains is high then the roller shutters can be perfect to protect your property against extreme weather.  The durability of roller shutters has made them the perfect choice in such extreme scenarios


  1. Higher cost:  In comparison to other types of shutters, roller shutters are significantly expensive because of their interlocking design and rolling mechanism, you need to pay an extra cost for roller shutters installation.
  2. Frequent maintenance: The rolling mechanism of these shutters require continuous maintenance otherwise they can stuck rolling up or down. This drawback can be annoying as they can stuck halfway due to maintenance issues.

Aesthetics: When installing roller shutters, they are bulky and prominent on the walls of your property.  Some people don’t prefer roller shutters due to this reason as they can damage the look of the façade.

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